10 Jan 2019
Netball Report – Autumn Term 2018

Netball Report – Autumn Term 2018

Year 7

Year 7 have enjoyed some very good performances, defeating Duke of Kent 14-10, Moon Hall 7-5, Christ Hospital C 5-3 and Rosebery C 8-6. The team has gelled well and a good squad rotation has allowed the girls to play in different positions. Savannah R has performed consistently well throughout the term. Her versatility in attack and defence has presented the coaches with many options. Princess A, probably the most improved player should receive a special mention too. We look forward to more netball after Christmas.

Year 8

Year 8 have had a very pleasing season. Whilst not all the games have resulted in a win, there have been many occasions to see improved skills. Before talking about Netball performance, you cannot ignore the endless energy the team brings to all their practices and games. This combined with a great self-management style: Sienna, the captain, takes many initiatives when it comes to warming up her teammates whereas Amelie and Tilly evaluate rapidly the game and confidently decide if a switch of player is to happen. As a whole, the team is supportive and encouraging of one another and they are an exemplary representative of our school. Their best game this term is undeniably against Epsom. Not only a win, the girls played so smoothly, successfully bringing the ball into the attacking third as Daisy, on top of her game as GD (voted Player of the Match), defended her third tirelessly. It would be unfair not to mention our quietest members of the team who have had to step in and play in different positions to their preferred ones: Hannah, Mia and Molly. Each individual commits to a group effort: that is what makes a teamwork. In my eyes, the words of Mike Singletary summarise Year 8: “Do you know what [their] favourite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”

Year 9

Played 9, Won 2, Drawn 1, Lost 6.

Year 9 have had a difficult term and have faced a couple of very strong sides. The highlights have been the victories against St Edmund’s and Christ Hospital. Leah R has been the stand out player. Her athleticism on court and her reading of the game allows her to make numerous interceptions in defence. Olivia W has worked tirelessly in centre court, linking the attack and defence. Eliz B (new to the squad and new to netball) has made a tremendous contribution as GK and WD and is learning more with every game.

It has been terrific to have a large squad of players this term and as we move forward, I believe it is important that each player becomes familiar with one or two positions, to avoid too much rotation. A greater focus in training would also improve skill level and our performance in games.

Year 10

It has been a challenging first term for our U15 netball team. However, this has not deterred the girls from trying their best on the court at our away games. The team is made of a mixed ability group – some having played netball before with much experience and skill while others new to the game with still much to learn. The girls have shown excellent sportsmanship, determination to win and support each other even in the most difficult matches. We have many strong players in our team Ella R as Centre, Charlotte B as Goal Defence, Rosie F as Wing Defence, and Ella M as Goal Attack. These girls show much confidence, focus and commitment for every game. I would also like to mention that Nastasia M as Goal Shooter and Phoebe W as Goal Keeper have really improved their skills since the beginning of the term and continue to do so. I am also grateful for Darcy D as Wing Attack and Louise C as Wing Defence, who show committed to improving their game and staying strong even when pitched against much stronger opponents.

Year 11

Year 11, have played together since Year 7 and have improved with every year. Nearly all of their matches have been close affairs and the team has secured good wins against Glyn, Frensham, CLFS and KCS. Accurate shooting from Eirwen M-L and Ellie L, assertive attacking play from Chloe W and Emi S and dominant defence by Savannah G and Caitlin N have contributed to the team’s success. I thank the girls for their commitment to Box Hill School Sport.

6th Form

The senior girls made a good start to the netball season and began with a winning streak – a victory against Glyn 14-10, followed by wins against CLFS, KCS and Frensham Heights. I have been impressed with the dedication of the girls this term and would like to make a special mention to Lily I (Year 10) who has played up with the seniors, when required. Well-done girls and here’s to a successful second term.