10 Dec 2021
Junior Boys Football Sports Reports 2021

Box Hill Football Reports – December 2021

U12 – Mr McAlister

It has been a positive first term of football for the U12A team. The newly formed squad has improved significantly during the season and have started to gel as a unit.

They played a total of 8 fixtures, winning 3, drawing 1 and losing 4 matches. The highlight of the season was the win against St Edmunds School, where the boys played exciting attacking football culminating in 5 wonderfully taken goals.

The team has been captained by Zach S, who always led from the front. His calmness in front of goal helped him to finish as top goal scorer for the term. Zach was supported in attack by Adam G who combined his wonderful skill with his raw speed to break the defensive line. Freddie A was valiant in goal and made significant contributions to all matches. Raffy B and Ethan M were both excellent skilful players within the midfield unit and gave the team a solid core in the more physical games. Defensively, Kobe T and Harrison S played out of position for a large part of the term and took on the important centre back roles for the team. They were always positive in their approach and hampered the opposition attackers. The squad was made up of the following pupils: Freddie A, Ben N, Zach S, Raffy B, Sam G, Ethan M, Adam G, Harrison S, Kobe T, Will C, Aum J, Dan C.

The progress during the term bodes well for the future and I thank all the boys for their commitment during the season.

U13 – Mr Vermeulen

From day one, The Box Hill Under 13 ‘A’ team were looking to emulate that beacon of footballing excellence: the mighty Arsenal side of 2003-04, forever immortalised as ‘The Invincibles’ due to their unbeaten league run that season. Box Hill were able to replicate this ‘holy grail’ of footballing achievements and ended the autumn term without losing a single game. All opposition were swept aside, with two epic victories against rivals Duke of Kent, along with comfortable wins against Belmont and King Edward’s. The win against St Edmund’s was a close affair and the only time Box Hill really looked under pressure, but the team did the job they were told to do and emerged victorious. Like the Gunners, Box Hill were led by a superb captain who ran the team on the pitch in a calm and assured manner from start to finish. Similar to Patrick Vieira, the indomitable Kian W was as comfortable in defence as he was moving forward. Clinical tackles, menacing runs and a lethal shot on target ensured that he could always be relied upon to lead by example. Although there is an ‘I’ in Kian, there are none in ‘team’, and he was supported by a committed band of brothers. In defence, Joe J, Elias P and Ollie T formed an impenetrable wall that the opposition seldom broke through. Elias and Ollie were always keen to break forward and looked dangerous on the left and right flanks. The protection offered to Liam M was such that he was rarely troubled, although he could always be relied upon and produced some outstanding saves against Duke of Kent and King Edward’s in particular. In midfield, Ben B and Hugo H utilised their lightning pace on each wing, with both players regularly crossing dangerous balls into the box for the strikers to finish. Inseong H, a solid midfielder, deserves extra credit this season due to him helping out the ‘B’ team on a number of occasions, adding his skill and experience to that side. Sonny P made impressive progress this term and has been working hard on his skills to ensure that he is adept at moving forward as well as tracking back to help out the defence. Zac S also worked on improving his skills and was rewarded with a stunning goal against Duke of Kent in November. Up front, Will S scored a number of poached goals at close range, showing a real striker’s instinct. Omasan F glided past defenders like a knife through butter and used his impressive speed and strength to punish mistakes and put defenders under intense pressure. It is fair to say that few defenders enjoyed the experience of having to mark him. Other players switched between playing for the ‘A’ team and the ‘B’ team throughout the season; James W, Daniel C, George H, Alistair M and Dylan H all made appearances for the ‘A’ team and deserve praise for the effort and commitment they have given all term, both on and off the pitch. Harry M was unfortunate to sustain a season-ending injury early on, but will hopefully be back next year. Alfie R also suffered an injury early in the term, but recovered and played well in the final game of the season against Lingfield College. Mr Vermeulen is exceptionally proud of the team’s performance throughout the term, stating: “this is the most successful group of boys I have ever coached in my managerial career. The boys should be unbelievably proud of what they have accomplished, but it is all down to the work we do each week on the training ground. I wish them the very best of luck next season in Year 9. Competition for places will be fierce and the boys must ensure they continue to work hard in the off-season.”

U12/13B – Mr Parker

The U12/13 B team are a team that should hold their heads high. While the results were not always in their favour, no one can fault their effort and commitment on the football pitch. The squad has endeavoured to improve as the season progressed and this is something they have achieved. The first game of the season was a 7-2 loss away to Duke of Kent School. Several defeats followed, but the team won their first game of the season in style 5-4 away at Belmont School. In the second fixture against Duke of Kent School, the team showed just how impressive their improvement has been in a short space of time and were extremely unlucky to lose 4-3 with goals from Inseong H (x2) and Rishan G.

The team has been captained by several excellent players throughout the season, including Tom L, Dan C and Alfie R. But mention must also go to Lysander B, a stalwart defender, constantly breaking up the opposition play and Harry B and Aum J, who led the line-up top and were unfortunate to not have more goals to their name. The whole squad should be extremely proud of the progress they have made this season and are well placed to continue improving into next season.

U14 – Mr Bello & Mr Holley

This year the U14 have played 14 games, won 7, lost 4 and drawn 3 which gives us a win percentage of 50% across the term. We have managed to score 46 goals with Ben H, Harry H and Fin F our main contributor to the score sheet. 35 goals were conceded but this could have been way more due to Kekeli T efforts as goalkeeper. It was a slow start to the season with a 7-3 lost for our first game but as a team they got stronger, more determined and have raised their basic skill level allowing us to face the same team in the first match and win 3-0. There’s a few players in the team that have stood out for different reasons Kekeli T, being the captain made sure they rest of the team had their kit and would lead warm up sessions as well as being the keeper we needed to protect our goal, we have James H and harry T two outstanding defenders through their effort at right and left back no one was getting by them at all, these two were constantly running up and down the side of the pitch till they were red in the face. Ben h can do it all on his right and left foot he surprises both myself and Mr Holley numerous times over the season with his control of the ball and his striking, some of his goals look like they’ve come straight out of FIFA 22. Archie at CDM was a rock, archie started the season late due to injury and within his first game back I don’t think I ever saw him walking, the effort he put into making sure the ball doesn’t go pass him was phenomenal and when it did, we weren’t worried as we always knew he would catch up and make that tackle.

U15 – Mr Snowden

The U15s enjoyed a successful football season participating in ten matches recording seven wins, one draw and two losses. Highlights of the season include turning around a 2-4 loss to Kingswood House School in the early parts of the season with a closely fought 2-1 win in the penultimate match. The most exciting game of the season was the last fixture against Bedales School where an excellent finish in the dying minutes secured a 3-2 victory.

The team was admirably led by Luca F whose work rate and determination set an example for his teammates to follow. Further to this, the creative flair of Lawrence W in the midfield often exposed the opposition defence as his eye for space often released Liam W to utilise his pace to create and convert several goal scoring opportunities. The added physical of presence of Antonio G who asserted dominance over any loose balls in the midfield created some much-needed balance to the team. Yago Z proved to be a thorn in the side of many an opposition as his skilful footwork also led to several goal scoring opportunities. But a team is only as good as its defence and the dogged determination of Frankie J and Daniel P were instrumental in the successes of this team. Both players read the game well and foiled countless opposition attacks.

The team can be proud of their achievements and, at time, played some scintillating football that made them a pleasure to watch.