08 Dec 2023
Girls Hockey End of Season Reports

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Box Hill Girls Hockey Reports – December 2023

U13A Hockey – Mr McAlister

The U13A Girls Hockey team have had a positive first season of hockey at Box Hill. They have all developed significantly, both with their individual skills and overall game play. Their hockey tactical understanding has improved considerably, and this was evident throughout the term. They recorded three superb wins, one draw and three loses. All games were closely fought, and the team never gave up.

In training they always try to push themselves and are keen to learn the more advanced skills within the game. The group cohesion is very strong, and the impact has been obvious within the matches. The highlight of the season was the superb 4-1 win against Duke of Kent School.

Overall, a very positive season, and thank you to the squad for such a positive approach.

U13B Hockey – Miss Martin

The U13B Girls Hockey Team has had a positive season, especially with it being a lot of girls' first time ever picking up a stick. They have all considerably developed as players and have learnt new skills which have furthered their development. As the term went on, it was evident that the girls’ understanding of the game has improved significantly, especially in regard to their game play. Despite unfortunately having some tough games, the girls played with a great level of resilience and sportsmanship. All games were closely fought, and the team never gave up.

A special mention to Charlotte O, Meghan T, Georgiana D, Michelle O, Oriana R and Ella R who have all showed great development throughout the season. A special congratulations to Charlotte O and Emily W who played a role in the growth of the team. Finally, to Elena B, who was always willing to step up and was an outstanding goalie for the team.

Overall, well done to all the girls on a great first season!

U13C Hockey – Mrs Golam

The U13C team has proven their resilience consistently over the autumn term. The Under 13C girls’ hockey team this term contained a number of pupils who were either picking up a hockey stick for the first time, or who were inexperienced in the sport. A big shout out to Heidi L, who made leaps and bounds over the season. Reluctant to have a go at hockey at the start, Heidi’ s skills and confidence have consistently improved through the weeks. Despite a lack of experience in the squad, the girls’ commitment and dedication cannot be faulted. The squad always took advice on board and were dedicated throughout practice on Tuesdays. By the end of the term, a noticeable improvement could be observed in their hockey skills. Although the structure of the team has been fluid throughout the term, the team have always show remarkable positivity and sportsmanship. As they were new to the sport, the players were given the chance to try out different positions. We welcomed Ella R occasionally in the C team and her role of mid centre was impressive and, with the help of the Georgia T, managed to maintain a dynamic game. Meghan T and Rosa C-S have done a brilliant job in her defence role, while our consistent attackers Amber A-B and Valentina B-Z tried there hardest to score for the team. Team U13C won 1 of their matches against Dale Hill mid-season and was the culmination of their hard work.

U15A Hockey – Miss Cheesman

The U15A Hockey team have thoroughly enjoyed their season of hockey despite some ups and downs along the way. They have all developed significantly, both with their individual skills and overall game play. Their hockey tactical understanding has improved considerably, and this was evident throughout the term. The squad includes girls from both Y9 and Y10 and the team cohesion amongst the team was incredibly strong. The highlight of the season was the superb 9-0 win against Reeds.

The team have been captained by Emma and Poppy for majority of the season and they have always displayed a positive attitude and kept the team going. Our goalie has been Katie who has made some excellent saves, and it has been great to see others giving it a go in goal too, demonstrating their versatility. Other mentions go to Maia, Krystal, Lily, Shauna, Flo, Ruby, Lara, Lottie, Maisy, Maia and Sophie who have given it there all and had an enjoyable season. Overall, great efforts all round, and thank you girls for such a positive approach.

U15B Hockey – Miss George and Mr McAlister

The U15B team have made significant progress this term in hockey. The team are relatively inexperienced but have shown real potential for the future. They played a number of hard-fought matches, the highlight being the last-minute win at Reeds School.

The girls have worked hard to develop skills in training sessions and now need the confidence to put those skills into practice in matches. Chloe D was valiant in goal and made some match winning saves. Other mentions go to Lucy S and Carman AH who have both played superbly during the term and approach both training and matches in a very positive manner.

Moving forward the girls all needs to work hard in the Spring/Summer to improve individual skills and I hope to see further progress next year.

Senior Girls – Mrs McCabe and Miss Kendall

The girls enjoyed a short but sweet hockey season. The first time we have introduced Hockey for the seniors. We had a mixture of students who play outside for a club, Sienna D and Gabi D, who demonstrated excellent leadership. As well as those who have never played hockey before. We only played a couple of games, and in both games the girls showed teamwork and a lot of potential where next year, the idea is that that the first full term will be dedicated to hockey. We had a few new students sign up for hockey who have demonstrated lots of skills. Special mention to Kati H, and Sofia T who played a huge role in our attack. Our defence was also strong with Gabi D and Phoebe B showing no fear when making challenges. A special mention must go to Lalli C who, when we did not have a goalkeeper, took to the role, and made excellent saves in our match against Reeds. The coach even commented on her potential.

The girls showed great resilience and versatility. Whilst this is a new sport for some, for those that are more familiar showed excellent teamwork and leadership and we are both excited to see what happens next term when we take on netball.